…pianist and musical director Kevin B. Winebold gives the show comic flair, particularly as he leads the company in "No Irish Need Apply," in which humor and bitterness blend terrifically, vividly illuminating the duality of the Irish spirit.

Furthermore, the revered ditties are robustly accompanied by music director Kevin B. Winebold,
-Theater Mania

Magee has been solidly replaced as Musical Director by Kevin B. Winebold, who is adroit on piano and accordion.
-The Irish Echo

Thoughtfully chosen music, originally arranged by Rusty Magee, is performed under the musical direction of Kevin B. Winebold, who plays the piano and joins in the singing.
-The Associated Press

Rounding out the cast are musical director Kevin B. Winebold (on piano) and Patrick Shields on numerous instruments (both of whom do a letter-perfect job). Credit must also go to Winebold’s musical direction…
-The Epoch

The cast, surrounded by lots of luggage and steamer trunks, interweave the historical facts with the many songs to the accompaniment of an upright piano played with great personality by Kevin B. Winebold…

Kevin B. Winebold, Musical Director and Pianist, serves each song and every voice in a naturalistic and ingratiating fashion.
Woman Around Town

Kevin B. Winebold is the music director, holds forth on the piano through most of the performance, takes a turn at the accordion and sings a couple numbers as one of the members of the Ensemble.
-Town and Village

…and Kevin B. Winebold, on of the cast members who is also an instrumentalist, is credited with the musical direction, which is top-notch. Winebold’s chief vocal contribution to the show is a touching performance of “Mother Machree.”
-United Press International

…Kevin B. Winebold and Patrick Shields help evoke a rich tapestry of song and speech.
-Time Out New York

The musicians, who also share a part in the action, are Kevin B. Winebold (who doubles as George M. Cohan) and Patrick Shields…It is the Cohan sequence, at the top of the second act, complete with tap dancing (choreography by Barry McNabb), that steals the entire production.
-The New York Theatre Experience, Inc.

Kevin B. Winebold, as well as being part of the ensemble and musical director, skillfully contributes on piano and accordion.
-Wolf Entertainment Guide